Lift up your eyes my daughter, my son.

Lift up your eyes my daughter, my son.
Lift up your eyes and sing!
It’s not the time to dwell
On unimportant things.
It is the time to worship and praise
And it is the time to account for your days;
And you will be held to account my people.
I am full of mercy and grace,
Yet you miss the importance of seeking my face.
As long as you continue with your own agendas,
How can my will be fulfilled?
My Holy Spirit moves as He wills,
And He represents me on the earth.

Hear what I am saying!
Align yourselves with the Holy Spirit
And what He is going on the earth today.
Do not hinder or quench Him
By doing things your own way.
More than ever before, discern and pray.
The devil also has an agenda
And he is real my people –
But He who is in you is greater
Than he that is in the world.
You are my very own Body
And I remain your Head.
Continue to refer to me –
I am the Alpha and Omega
And I see the very end.

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