Look to me – Yes, only to me!

Look to me – Yes, only to me!
The decisions you make are crucial.
Deception is all around you.
I am your rock – your firm foundation.
Seek my wisdom and counsel.
Do not lean on your own understanding.
Lean back on me.
Hear my heart and what I desire for you.
Trust in me with all your heart
And know that I desire the very best for you.

I see the circumstances that surround you my people,
And as you trust more deeply in me,
I will bring you into that new place
Where I desire you to be.
Pick up the reins my people, and ride with me –
The chariots of fire will carry you
To where I would have you to be.
I am lifting you out of those circumstances
As you submit yourselves fully to me.
Your decisions are to be wise;
There is to be no more compromise.
Many of you have been chosen to be
‘Directors of heaven on the earth’.
This is not a small thing.
Your ways will no longer conform to the ways of the world
And your thoughts will become more aligned with my thoughts
By the revelation of my Holy Spirit.
I am the rock of your salvation.
There will be a shaking of any other foundation.

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