It is a deep work I desire to do

It is a deep work I desire to do
In my people in this day and age.
This requires a deeper trust in who I Am
For you each one;
A much deeper trust than ever before –
In my wisdom and understanding, counsel and might,
In my knowledge and fear of the Lord.
This is my fullness;
This is my essence,
And this is my core.

It is a much deeper walk I require of you
In this day and age
For you to accomplish for me and with me
My plans and purposes on the earth.
It is for you to walk in my Spirit,
The spirit of counsel and might,
The spirit of wisdom and understanding,
My revelation knowledge
And fear of the Lord.
Deep calls to deep my people.
It is a deeper discerning, deeper loving,
Using my authority and power
Residing in you
That is required of you in your every-day walk.

My love will sustain you as you continue to trust
Even more deeply in who I Am
For you and for all mankind –
And for my whole creation.
I desire you to know the importance of you playing your part
And taking the place designed for you at this time.

My trust is in you my people;
That you will respond to my call
And take your next step of faith.

(Isaiah 11:2)

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