My people, there are still mysteries

My people, there are still mysteries
To be uncovered –
There are still treasures to be discovered –
Deep in my Word;
And in Daniel’s day revelations were given
That are yet to be unsealed.
This is the day when my revelation knowledge
Will be more revealed.

It is the time my people
For you to discover for yourself
What I desire to reveal to you
For this stage of your life
In this time and age.
You are not to miss your “call” –
For you, there is a specific place.
There is no-one greater than another;
You each have a different role to play.
You are not to compete.
My love for you is complete.
My perfect love casts out all fear.
My people, the time for my return is near.
There is a harvest to be gathered –
Be a labourer in my harvest field.
You will find the gifts I have given
Will help you find your place.

The wonders in my Word
Will be seen and known and heard –
Signs and wonders and miracles
This day on the earth.

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