Use my words to testify

Use my words to testify
What has been revealed –
There is much more to be uncovered –
Very little has been unsealed.
When you search for me with your whole heart,
Then you will truly start to see
The wonders that I have for you;
These wonders will be unsealed for you.
You each play an important part
In revealing my fullness of truth.
You are all of equal value to me;
You are to recognise this truth.
Some may stand out and are more clearly seen,
But know that I see each of you.
I am the One who formed you
In your mother’s womb
And placed your destiny in your DNA.
My heart’s desire is that you seek my face
Before you try to find where you fit –
Before you seek to find the place
That has been chosen for you
For this time and age.

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