Enter into my rest my people

Enter into my rest my people
There is a peace and rest that you can know
Despite the unrest in the world all around you.
My rest and peace is for you to know.
Be not as those people of long ago
Who could not enter into my rest
Because of their unbelief.
Believe, my people, and come to know
That because of my love for you and the whole world,
I gave my Son, my only Son,
To die for you, with the promise
That whoever believed in Him, would have everlasting life.

My very own people, it is for you to reveal to the world
This truth in my Word.
Enter into my peace and rest,
Growing in the knowledge of who “I Am”.
All that you have freely received,
Pass on, my people!
Reveal my love and set people free.
You are my chosen vessels on the earth today –
All that was accomplished on the cross
Is to be revealed.
My Holy Spirit now lives in you;
That same Holy Spirit that raised my Son from the dead
And created his birth on the earth.
My power and my glory reside in you –
Rest in knowing who you are in me
And allow them to be seen and known on the earth.

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