Your every need, I see.

Your every need, I see.
Even before you are aware of your need,
I see.
There needs to be an awareness
Of your need to change your mind-set.
The renewing of your mind can only be
When you bring your every thought captive
To the obedience of me –
Casting down vain imaginations
And every high and lofty thing.
Principalities and powers of darkness
Will continually try to influence your thinking.
Recognise them for what they are my people.
You are now in my Kingdom.
My thoughts are to be your thoughts
Through my Holy Spirit leading and guiding you
Into all Truth.
The time you spend close to me
And in my Word –
And sometimes corporately –
Bring you from glory to glory.
It is together you gather in me
With one heart and one mind
Glorifying me.
You are my Body, and that is my heart’s desire my people.
Continue to seek my face
And focus only on me –
My love flowing to meet your every need
Will continue throughout all eternity.

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