I give to you my loving care

I give to you my loving care;
That is Who I Am.
Do not boast or glory in your strength, your wealth,
Or your wisdom –
But glory only in knowing me –
That I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness
And justice and righteousness in the earth.
My people, it is in these things I delight.
I say these things that you might adjust your focus
And seek to know me with all your heart,
With all your mind and all your strength
And that you will truly seek my face.

You are my people, called by my name;
And when you humbly pray, seeking my face,
Turning from your own ways,
I have promised I will hear from heaven –
I will answer your prayer and I will heal your land.
Anything not of faith, is sin my people.
My Holy Spirit has been given to you.
He will reveal more of Who I Am
And who you are in me.

I give to you my loving care.
My healing love knows no bounds;
It is for you, your family and for your whole land.

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