Tuck yourself into me.

Tuck yourself into me.
Surrender your soul fully to me.
All around you are strong harsh winds of adversity
And now you see more of man’s inhumanity –
Man’s inhumanity to man.
There is much cruelty now being seen –
Violence being portrayed more and more,
And now clearly seen on media screens.

My people, you need my protective armour
Which truly represents me:
The breastplate of righteousness,
My truth firmly around your waist,
With your footwear strong and readily prepared
With the gospel of peace,
My helmet of salvation upon your head,
And the shield of faith.

As you commit your way fully to me,
Trust my Word and know –
As you resist the devil
He must flee!

You have been empowered;
My blood has never lost its power.
You have been given my authority.
Together you are a mighty force for me,
Even more than individually,
To push back the powers of darkness
In your lives, your family, your city and your nation.
My very own people, my love for you will never end –
It will continue on into eternity.

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