Come and dine!

Come and dine!
The food that I bring will more than satisfy,
And the drink is better than money can buy.

Ho! Everyone who thirsts.
Come to the waters;
And you who have no money
Come buy and eat.
Yes, come buy wine and milk
Without money and without price.

My Word will continually challenge you
To consider – and consider well –
That which is to be your priority
When on the earth you dwell.
Food and drink are to physically sustain
While spiritual food and drink
Take you to a much higher plane.
When you choose to come and dine with me,
That is when you come into my glory realm.

From glory to glory you will come –
Deeper, higher and wider
Than you could ever have imagined.
Even in the midst of your enemies,
I prepare a table before you;
I anoint your head with oil;
I fill your cup to overflowing.
Goodness and mercy will follow you
All the days of your life
And you will dwell in my House forever.

Come – and trust me to bring this into being.
Come and dine!


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