That which has been promised needs to be received

That which has been promised needs to be received
The promises in my Word are to be believed
And received.
So often, my people truly believe that I am a God
Who does heal and set free –
Yet some people still believe
Healing was just back in the days
When Jesus was on earth.
My people, Jesus is the same –
Yesterday, today and forever!
All that He accomplished while on the earth
Is still happening today.
It is happening for those who believe his Word
And receive his promises in their lives today.
They are willing to be as vessels for him to use
For his glory.

For those who have believed, but have not yet received,
Speak out the promises given in my Word –
Speak them over your life.
Know that faith comes by hearing –
And hearing by the Word of God.
Seek to come to know Me with all your heart –
To trust me totally;
And do not lean on your own understanding.
I have given you spiritual weapons of war
For those doubts and fears in your mind.
Come against the principalities and powers of darkness
That would like to continually infiltrate your thinking.
Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ
For you are my very own creation,
Made to be conformed to His image.

Rise up now my people. – Believe and receive.
Flow with me! – Be filled with my Spirit.
Flow in the fruit and the gifts He gives,
With me –
Giving all glory to Him – my beloved Son.

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