Be the Light!

Be the Light!
Represent me on the earth today!
When I was on earth,
I came as “The Light of the World”
Though the world did not know me.

Be my Light in the world today my people.
Allow me to shine my light through you.
My light will overcome the darkness.
I have overcome the world.
The Father’s plan for the redemption of mankind
Was accomplished on the cross at Calvary.
The powers of darkness are to be pushed back –
You have full authority.
Know that my blood has never lost its power.

Continue to be my Light –
Shining for my glory.
Commit your way to me
And as you resist the devil, he must flee.
You do overcome by the blood of the lamb
And the word of your testimony.
My Word is true and will not return to me void –
It will accomplish the Father’s plan and purpose.
You have been chosen to reveal me to the world.
You are a chosen generation for this time and age.
You have been prepared

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