Look to me

Look to me – not just for your needs,
For all your needs are met in me.
Look to me to learn of me –
To learn to know who I Am.
I am El Elyon, the Most High God,
The Maker of heaven and earth.
All things were made by me
And without me, nothing was made that was made.
I revealed who I Am through my Son,
The Christ, the Anointed One,
Known as Jesus Christ while on the earth.

I am your Heavenly Father
And have known who you are
Even when you were in your mother’s womb
For there is a plan and purpose for which you were created.
Rest assured, I see you and know you, and I love you.
You have had many experiences in your life –
Some good and some difficult and heart-wrenching –
But you have come to a new season in your life.
Look to me now – the One who knows and understands.
Be strong now and of good courage
For I am bringing you into a deeper revelation
Of who I Am and who you are in me.
Your trust is to be in me more than ever before.
I will preserve your going out and your coming in.
I will open doors that no man can shut
And I will shut doors that no man can open.
Believe and receive the words I say;
Take them deep into your spirit, this day.

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