It is the time

It is the time.
It is not next week – next month – or next year.
Be careful when making your plans.
Be careful when making those programmes.
There has to be a mind shift;
Otherwise my people are doing
What is right in their own eyes.
It is for me to strategize.
I organise the “suddenlies”.
I bring in the Divine encounters you have.
My Holy Spirit is moving in unprecedented ways.
Allow me to fill you, each one, afresh.
Consider your ways my people. Consider your ways!
Seek my ways, which are higher than your ways.
Pray and seek my face for the decisions you make.
Nothing is to hinder my end-time plan.
My desire is to answer your prayers
And heal your land.
All over the world, people are needing my healing love.

My people, move into your destiny.
Seek my strategy.
My grace is sufficient for you.
Use the weapons of warfare you have been given.
All authority has now been given to you.
All principalities and powers of darkness are to “bow the knee”
And acknowledge that Jesus Christ, my Son, is Lord of all.
His Name is higher than any other name.
This, I have ordained.

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