Come my daughter – come my son –

Come my daughter – come my son –
Come into my presence;
It is revelation knowledge I desire to give –
To give to you each one.
It is my desire that you receive
That which has been prayed –
That you will receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation
In the knowledge of me;
That your understanding will be enlightened –
That you will see and know the hope of my calling
And what are the riches of the glory
In you my people,
And the exceeding greatness of my power
Toward you who believe –
The same resurrection power that raised my Son from the dead.
It is hard for you to comprehend the fullness of power
That now resides within you.
It is only through my Holy Spirit
That this mystery will be revealed to you
More and more.
Nevertheless, you have been placed, by my grace,
Together, at my right hand.
You are in my Son, and He is in you
And together with him, you have dominion
Over principalities and powers of darkness
As you are led by the Holy Spirit.
Use the spiritual weapons of war you have been given.
The blood of my Son, the Lamb that was slain
Is a special key for you to use
As you grow in the revelation knowledge of me.
Dominion on the earth has been given by me.
Principalities and powers of darkness must bow the knee.

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