It is deeper and deeper

It is deeper and deeper
I would have you come –
Deeper and deeper into me.
There are things that I will show you
That you have not yet seen.
When you turn your eyes fully to me
Above all, earnestly seeking to truly know me.
There is nothing hidden from my eyes –
There is nothing I cannot see.
I am all-knowing and all-seeing –
That is who I Am.
You can only ever know in part,
And in part only you will see.
You each have been created for a specific purpose.
I knew you in your mother’s womb.

Deep calls to deep my people.
That which is on the surface can be blown away –
Like chaff.
Come deeper and stay anchored
In the truth of my deep love for you,
And that deep love is also for your neighbour;
This love for each other – a new commandment
Given to you –
Taking you deeper into my plan and purpose for you.

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