Look to me, my daughter!

Look to me, my daughter!
Look to me, my son!
Focus your eyes upon me –
Flow with me, as one.

There is a culmination now in world affairs
And there is to be reckoning.
My people, each of you is needed
To help bring in the changes that are to take place.
So much is clear in my Word –
So much has been prophesied.
You have been born for such a time as this.
Recognise the signs.
I am revealing more and more
Of what will come to pass.
Some things are inevitable –
As when a snowball starts to roll –
Look to me my people – look up!
From where comes your help?
It comes from me, the Maker of heaven and earth –
The Supernatural God – the Creator of the Universe.
Without me, nothing was made that was made.
Rest assured, I will continue to bring into being
Those things which do not now exist.

Pray, each one, as my Spirit leads
And flow with Him, each one,
And together, as one.

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