It is together

It is together
I need my people to move.
It is together I desire you to work
To accomplish my plans and purposes
On the earth.
You have been saved
And it is together you have been raised
To sit with me in heavenly places –
Together with me and also in me.
(Eph, 2:5-6)

The power in unity cannot be over-emphasized,
And as you pray together my people,
You will bring in the changes needed
For this time and age.
My Holy Spirit will direct and guide,
Comfort and strengthen, and be by your side.
It is by my grace that you are together in me –
No-one greater than another –
With different gifts and callings.

It is together you are to continue to flow
As my Holy Spirit leads.
Allow Him to orchestrate as with a baton –
And be as a symphony for me.
There is a sound that needs to be heard
Above every other sound.
There is a Name above every other name
To which every knee will bow.
My Glory needs to be seen and known.
I Am “The Christ” who is in you –
I Am The Hope of Glory!

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