This is the day that I have made.

This is the day that I have made.
It is a new day.
Each day on my calendar I have ordained.
The day is fast approaching when it is has been ordained
That my Son will return to earth
And gather his own to himself.
You are to be prepared.
The Bridegroom is coming for his Bride.

My people, it is a special time in which you live.
Rejoice that the prophecies in my Word are being fulfilled.
I do not desire that any should perish
But that all would come to know me –
Yet I cannot go against my Word.
My love for the world has never waned.
The date and time of my Son’s return has been ordained.
It is for you to be expectant
And be ready for Him.
You do not know the day or the hour.
Be prepared and prepare the way.
Speak my Word.
Win souls for me.
My glory and power
Are to be seen in this hour.

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