Deep calls to deep my people.

Deep calls to deep my people.
Your relationship with me is to deepen.
There is to be a trust in me that is to be deeper and stronger
Than ever before.
It is with your whole heart
You are to trust in me, my people.
There is no eye that has seen, nor ear heard,
That which I have planned for you.
As you go deeper into me,
I will reveal more to you each one individually,
Yet there will be times of more corporate revelation knowledge
Of who I Am for you my people.
There is much demanding
Of what you consider are your “rights”
By so many of you in my Body.
I say to you today, there is a humility I require
From my people that will usher in
My Holy Spirit into the dark corners of the earth.
There are the times for proclaiming and prophesying
And taking the authority that has been given to you –
Yet it is with humble hearts, as you pray
And seek my face,
That I will hear and answer your prayers
And heal your land.

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