Continue to bring life

Continue to bring life
To the words on My heart.
Believe and take them first for yourself
And then to others, impart.
Replenish yourselves with the meat of My Word.
It is for you, the mature ones in me.
The gospel message is simple and clear
And needs to be continually passed on –
Yet for those of you who know me well,
I would have you go deeper into My Word.
There are deep truths there I would have you unfold –
It is for you to discover more.
The mysteries hidden back in Daniel’s days
Will be revealed more in these last days.
There is a future and hope
For those who put their hope and trust totally in me.
I Am the One who will bring to pass
All I have planned for each destiny –
And you are part of a much larger picture;
Yet each one is important in their role
Which will be more clearly seen as my plan unfolds.

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