It is by My Spirit

It is by My Spirit I would have you fly with me
As an eagle flying with my winds,
Soaring with me over land and sea –
This is part of your destiny.
It is by my Spirit I will direct you
For you to accomplish much for me.

My people, you are anchored in your thinking.
For you I have so much more.
The doctrines of men have occupied your thinking.
You are steeped in protocol.
How can you be free,
When you make rules and regulations
That so often limit yourselves and others,
And in particular, you put limits on me?
It is not by might nor by power
But by My Spirit you are to live.
Your bodies were made to function well
While on the earth, with your spirit and soul.

My people, stay tuned to me.
In these last days I am revealing more
Of how I would have you move in me –
For I am in you and you are in me,
And in me you live and move and have your being.
Your trust is to be in me.
Trust in me with all your heart
And lean not to your understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge me
And I will direct your paths. (Prov.3:5-6)

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