Lift up your arms my people.

Lift up your arms my people.
Be willing to praise me openly.
Do not be ashamed to show you love me;
Be free to be who I have made you to be.
You desire to please me by the works that you do.
I am blessed by your praise and worship –
Through you, my glory is to be seen.
You may believe it is a private matter
Just between you and me.
Our relationship is to be intimate –
Yet I desire you to reveal “Me”.

I am your Lord, your Saviour – the provider of all you need.
I am the One who created the world –
The whole universe being more revealed.
I Am the Lord of all Lords – and the King of all Kings.
I gave my life to save the world –
To save all those who have rebelled against me.

The time is short –
And my full judgment will come on the earth.
The minds of so many around you
Have been blinded by the evil one –
Lest they know the truth that will set them free.
(2 Cor.4:4)

You know the truth my people.
Be willing now to use my Word
And set them free.
The praise, and love, and joy, coming from your heart
Will help draw them to me.

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