Hear what I am saying my people.

Hear what I am saying my people.
Hear what I am saying!
There has to be a change in your mind-sets –
A clear shift in the way you think.
You have been influenced by the ways of the world
Much more than you realise.
Without you spending more time in my presence,
Your priorities are receding.
The latest technology can absorb your time and energy
In ways that are of no benefit.

My people, my people, invest your time
In the ways that I direct.
Without seeking my face and my strategy
In the days that lie ahead,
There is much time wasted, and the time is short.
Redeem the time and seek my face.
My Holy Spirit is moving in ways you cannot see.
He has been preparing the hearts of people
And they are ready to come to know me.
The harvest has been ripening
Continue to work with my Holy Spirit.
There is much rejoicing in heaven with you
As you lead these ones to me.

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