There is now more recognition

There is now more recognition
Of my true heart’s desire
That my people come and be with me more
In the heavenlies.

Look down with me my daughter
And see what I see.
I see people anchored to the ground –
Busy, busy, busy – too busy for me.
That is why I desire the chains to break
So that people can fly with me –
For that’s my deepest heart’s desire
That they come with me into the heavenlies.

Communicate this clearly now.
Set people free from the enemy.
It is in the mind-set people are anchored
On the earth physically.
Principalities and powers of darkness
Are to be pushed back
The mind of Christ to rule and reign.

Over the land and over the seas
And now more in airways,
There is much travelling to be seen –
My people are moving physically across the globe
Net-working, and through divine connections –
And they are orchestrated by me;
Yet my heart’s desire is
That you now recognise the need
For you to travel spiritually for me.

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