I am making shifts

I am making shifts –
Shifts in people’s mind-sets
Such as not known before.

My people, move with me now
Using the weapons of warfare I have given you
Which are not carnal but mighty through me
To the pulling down of strongholds,
Casting down vain imaginations
And every high and lofty thing
That would exalt itself above that of me.
Principalities and powers of darkness
Are to be brought low.
The minds of people are to be brought into obedience
To the mind of Christ my Son.
There are changes you will see
In prominent people around the globe –
For it’s not by might nor by power,
But by my Spirit my plans and purposes
On the earth will be accomplished in this hour.

Your own mind-sets are to align also my people.
Cast down every argument
That would dare to invade your thinking
And bring your every thought captive
To the mind of Christ.
Each one of you is precious in my sight –
I see and know each heart.
Do not allow your minds to be infiltrated
And swayed by the things and the ways of the world.
Remember to bring them into obedience
To the mind of my Son.

2 Corinthians 10:4-6


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