A child cannot understand

A child cannot understand
The same as an adult,
Yet a child can move in the gifts of my Spirit
As the Spirit wills.

My people, I am revealing myself to children
In unprecedented ways.
Be open to receive and know my heart
Through such ones in these days.
It is revelation knowledge and wisdom
Beyond their years.
You will hear and see – and know
That I am the source of the revelation knowledge
Coming forth for this hour.

Many children have been abused
And can be healed by these anointed ones.
Be aware my people –
Nurture and protect the children I am anointing
For such a time as this.
The time is short –
And I am coming
Even quicker than you may think
In fulfilment of my Word
And at the time I choose.
Be ready my people.
Prepare the way for me
And be prepared yourselves.

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