It is a New Era

It is a New Era –
It is a new year – month – day.
Every moment of every day cannot be lived again
While you are on the earth.
Time and space are in my hands
And you each have a life span.
Make the most of your time my people.
I do have an end-time plan.
My end-time plan still allows for choices
Which need to be made by you.
(Received on 7th Feb. 2015)

You can choose to start off your day
With my strategy for your day.
As you seek my face for your day,
You will hear and see and know
That which I desire for you
At the beginning of your day.
There are people who need my counsel –
There are people who need my care –
There are people who need to know direction
And to know that I am a God who loves them
And who truly cares.

Receive from me all you need
And help others to believe in me
And receive:
Health and wholeness and their every-day needs.
Do not be discouraged and do not be dismayed.
Some will respond to my love for them
And others will turn away.
Know that my love will still reach out.
Stay focused and hear me each day.
My people are to know my healing love
And to be revived.

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