Restoration and revival will be seen and known

Restoration and revival will be seen and known.
That which the enemy has stolen is to be restored.
My authority has been given to you.
It is for you to utilize all that has been given to you –
And rest assured, I am working
In ways you cannot see.
It is in the Spirit, my people –
I operate supernaturally.
It is for you now to enter in –
Into a new dimension in me.

Restoration and reconciliation, with revival fire,
Is to be seen in your lives, and in your family,
As well as in My Body.
Take hold of the weapons you have been given.
Speak with My authority, which is “all authority
Given to me in heaven and in earth”
For you to use – for you are part of my Body
Living on the earth.
In me you live and move and have your being.
My desire is that you now move
Supernaturally with me.
You now have more revelation
Of who you are in me
And who I Am in you.

The fruit of my Spirit is to be clearly seen
As you lovingly and powerfully
Move in the supernatural with me.
My revival glory will be clearly seen –
It will radiate from within.
Move in unison with me –
Glorifying me.

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