Speak to my people and tell them

Speak to my people and tell them
I am coming soon.
These are words that must be heard.
They are to be warned and encouraged –
Urged to prepare.
Listen to me, my daughter – Listen to me, my son.
These words are not to be put aside and placed on a shelf.
They are not words to be “deleted” but to be “forwarded on”.

My people, you are to hear the urgency
In the words I speak.
Be ready for my coming!
Simplify your lives!
Focus on things eternal! – My Word never lies.
When I made the rainbow, there was a promise made
That I would not flood the earth again.
I regretted that I had made man
Because of the depth of evil pervading the earth.
The promises in my Word are true –
The warnings and revelation.
My people knew my protection and knew my wrath –
Then my Son was given to redeem mankind.

My love for the people I created has never waned.
Many are now caught in a web of deception
And evil now is pervading the earth.
As it was in the days of Noah
Is being revealed more all over the earth.

I am coming my people.
My angels have been assigned.
Take hold of the truth in my Word
And make sure you are prepared.
Work together with my Holy Spirit
And my angels, already assigned.
Bring in my end-time harvest, my people
And care about saving souls –
Souls that are lost and dying
Who need my love and miracles.
Reveal to them my healing love –
My glory to be clearly seen.

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