Prepare the way for the soon-coming King.

Prepare the way for the soon-coming King.
It is pertinent to this hour.
These words are to be brought to the “fore”
For the days are fast approaching
When you will see before your eyes
Those very things prophesied
For the last days
Ushering in His return.

I say to you my people –
My Holy Spirit will continue to move
Across the face of the earth
And bring in the culmination
Of my Son’s return to earth.
This is not a light thing;
There is a deep cry – a clarion cry
Going out to all my people
To prepare yourselves and help prepare others
For the return of the soon-coming King.
Lay yourselves before me in humility –
Be surrendered, body, soul and spirit,
As much as you can, to me.
Keep proclaiming my Word
To yourselves and others.
By holy and blameless before me.
You will be ready my people
For my end-time strategy.
Prepare the way for my Son –
Your Lord Jesus Christ is your soon-coming King
And every knee will bow and every tongue confess
That He is Lord of all lords
And King of all kings.
His grace, his love and his blood
Will be sufficient for you in these days.

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