There is a cloud of Glory

There is a cloud of Glory
That will be seen more clearly
When my people humble themselves;
When they truly humble themselves before me,
They will see my cloud of revival glory.
My glory will flow and flow.
My glory is within you –
It flows wherever you go.
I am in you, the hope of glory.
Impart my glory wherever you go.

As you pray in humility,
Turning from your own ways –
For anything not of faith is sin, my people –
I will hear and I will forgive
For you have been seeking my face.
You will soon see the billows of glory
Being brought by the wind of my Spirit.
You will see the changes and be part of those changes
Being made in the healing of your land.

There is a cloud of glory
That will envelope your land.
From the east and from the west the billows will come.
From the north and from the south –
All the earth is mine and the fullness thereof.
Your land is to be used to glorify me.
Your land is “The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit”.
In your land, my glory will be clearly seen;
Your land is to glorify me.

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