My love for you knows no bounds

My love for you knows no bounds.
It reaches to the highest mountain
And to the lowest valley
And will continue to flow towards you
Into eternity.
It is for you to receive –
To open your arms wide
And truly receive.
It is an unconditional love I give you –
My unconditional love.
Believe the Word my people
And believe the words I say,
For I speak into your spirit
Revealing my love every day.

You do not need to earn my love.
When you received my Son into your heart and life
It is by grace you have been saved,
Not by any works done by you.
You have been freely given the gift of eternal life
Which is of Him,
And in your earthly body will be no more
When the time comes to bring you home.
It is for you to fulfil your destiny
While you are on the earth –
To break the chains of unbelief and deception –
Hatred and greed.
Know that you have my love –
The greatest force in the universe –
It can melt the heart of kings and those in authority.
Christ is in you my people – the hope of Glory.
Release my love and my glory
And with my blood, which has never lost its power,
My glory will be revealed to the world –
An unprecedented wonder
My people, moving together
Enforcing the victory already won
On the cross by my beloved Son!

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