Focus my people! – Focus!

Focus my people! – Focus!
Recognize there is a call on your lives
Which is to be fulfilled,
And recognize the time is short.
My strategy includes each one of you –
“The called” according to my purpose;
And should you not choose to respond,
Another will be called
To take your place.
You have been prepared my people;
Yet should you feel you are young in “the Faith”,
Or that compared to another,
You are not sufficiently qualified –
Know that my Holy Spirit will provide all that you need:
My revelation knowledge for you in my Word.

I am choosing in these last days, those who are willing
To respond to the call of my Holy Spirit
In ways as not seen before.
Are you willing to stand right out,
Not just as a “light” but as a fool for me?
I choose the foolish things of the world
To confound the wise.
There are acts that I require that will look foolish
In the eyes of man,
But I say to you today –
They will be significant for me in my end-time plan.
Prophesy my people, in whatever way I require of you.
You will bring into being, those things which do not now exist.
Because of your obedience to the promptings of my Holy Spirit,
You will help bring in the changes needed
In many parts of the world today.
Be attuned to my Spirit and keep seeking my face.
As you pray, stay humble before me
Turn away from every temptation placed before you
By the enemy of your souls.
I will hear and answer your prayers my people.
I will heal your land, and all you hold dear to your heart.
I hold you dear to my heart.
Know that my love for you will never fail you.

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