It is for you to trust in Me

It is for you to trust in Me
And the truth in my Word:
“All things work together for good,
to those who love me and are the called
according to my purpose”.

You may not like some of the instructive words I give
But in doing what I say there is great reward.
Be confident in knowing I am working all things
For your good.
Sometimes I am protecting you from what lies ahead.
Always I see you and know you
And also know what is best for you.

Be strong now in me
And in the power of my might.
There has to be an awakening in your heart,
Your mind and your spirit
For you to respond fully to your calling in me.
Immerse yourself in my presence.
It is for you, each one, to lay yourselves down on my altar
To be as a living sacrifice before me
That you might bear fruit,
And enter into the fullness of your calling in me.
Enter into my rest – the knowledge
That I am working all the circumstances that surround you
For your good
Because of my deep love for you, each one.
It is everlasting and will never fail you.

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