Come my daughter, my son, and reflect

Come my daughter, my son, and reflect
On what I have done.
By my Holy Spirit I conceived a Son
To redeem mankind, everyone.
There had to come a time when those I had created
Would be free to come into my presence
And know me as their Father
As well as “a Supreme Being”.
I am El Elyon, the Most High God,
To be respected and honoured and given all Glory –

Yet because of the sacrifice of my Son
The curtain was ripped from top to bottom
In the |Holy of Holies in my temple
Where I revealed my presence on the earth.

I revealed to the prophets of old
The coming of my Son on the earth –
The coming of their “Messiah”.
My people, my love was revealed through Him;
I indicated through a star to those who believed
They would find Him.
The star was a supernatural guiding shining light
Leading them to the One bringing in the true light
Which gives light to every man coming into the world.
(John 1:9)

Take hold of each revelation I bring.
The light of my Glory will be revealed
With signs and wonders in the sky and on the earth
And it will be revealed in you and through you my people.

Look not to the world, nor to man,
For the things I desire to reveal.
Look to Me and my Word –
The light of my Glory in Power and Majesty
Will be known and will be seen.

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