Come now my daughter – come my son

Come now my daughter – come my son –
Come into the new place I would have you be.
It is working alongside of my Holy Spirit –
When He prompts there is to be no hesitation –
There is to be a new boldness by those who have been wary
Of “rocking the boat”, so to speak.
The “protocol” which sits firmly in place
Often hinders my Spirit moving.
Those in authority are to know new challenges
Given to them by me.
Be ready my people, for some of you,
Who are close to me,
Will be used to challenge the “status quo”.
It will bring in a soul-searching time
Needed for true humility.

I raise up and I put down
Those in authority.
I am the King of all kings
And Lord of all lords.
It is not for you to be out of order
But to help bring in the changes needed
At this time.
Stay closely attuned to hear my voice.
May the words of your mouth
And the meditation of your heart
Be acceptable in my sight –
I am your Rock and your Redeemer.
To obey is better than sacrifice.

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