Be aware of the time frame

Be aware of the time frame –
It is a new era in which you live
Predicted in my word.
As in the days of Noah
So it shall before I return.
There is to be a preparing for my coming.
Know that I will be coming soon.
The marriage supper of the Lamb
Is indeed being prepared.
Some of these things you have heard from another
But in my Word, can be confirmed.
Prepare your hearts my people
For what lies ahead.

There has to be awareness
Of your lack of preparation.
My people, my people, are you ready?
Are you fully prepared?
There has to be a settling of those things unresolved.
The crooked places are to be made straight.
Help others to prepare themselves
As well as preparing my way.
You cannot be responsible for the choices others make.
Present to them my “living Word
Showing my love, my grace, my mercy and glory.
You are my light, my salt, my sheep and my Bride.
Make sure you are strengthened
With the fullness of my Spirit,
For in the world in which you live
You will see a culmination of my plan and purpose
Fulfilling my promises given in the heart of my Word.

Hear me! Hear me! Hear me!
While fulfilling the role of your task on the earth,
Stay seated together in me in the heavenly places.
~Abide in my peace and rest –
The peace that only I can give.

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