This day I say

This day I say –
Continue to know no sway.
Do not swing this way or that.
Once you know your calling,
You are to stay on track.
The words you hear are from the Holy Spirit
And reveal to you my heart.
The words from my Son intertwine.
You are the branches and He is the vine.
The Word will continue to be heard
Through my Spirit
And they will not return to me void.
My Holy Spirit makes them alive.
Without Him they will not survive –
They are then the letter of the law
And do not bring new life.
The Word and the Spirit – they are “One”.

My people, stay attuned to my voice.
You are my sheep – you hear my voice.
It is imperative now that you respond
To the words that I say.
The time is short,
And you are not to be detoured
By any deception along your way.

My people will come together
Like they have never done before.
They will be as an army with a common goal.
Do not be deceived my people.
There is to be no more compromise.
The enemy is to bow the knee
And submit to my authority,
And you are part of my strategy.
It is time for you to truly believe
The words that I say.
Put on your armour with confidence
Knowing the victory I won on the cross
Is to be enforced as never before.
My love is to be used as a weapon
As well as my Word as a two-edged sword.
My glory will be revealed and known
Through you my people
And will be even more in the coming days.

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