Humble yourselves my people

Humble yourselves my people –
Humble yourselves.
It is only because of the blood that was shed
That you can stand before my Father’s throne.
It is not because of the works that you have done
Or the words you speak – unless the words you speak
Are directed by me and imparted with the faith
That has been given by me.

Stay humble before me, my people.
Pray and turn from your own ways –
Your rebellious and your selfish ways –
This is considered sin in my sight
For anything not of faith is sin.

I love you – I gave my life for you.
You are precious to me.
Stay close to me. My desire is for your good.
Keep fighting the world, the flesh and the devil.
His plan is to deceive even my elect ones.
Do not boast in anything – wisdom, wealth, or strength.
If you must boast,
Boast only in understanding and knowing me;
That I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness,
Justice and righteousness in the earth
And it is in these things I delight
“Says the Lord”.

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