In my Word, my truth is seen

In my Word, my truth is seen:
Line upon line –
Precept upon precept.
Where things that have happened
Seem impossible to people –
That is where my supernatural is seen.
It is for you to understand
The supernatural lies in my hand –
It lies within my mighty right hand
And in you my people, also lies
My power and authority –
As well as my supernatural ability
For you to do all that is required of you.
Sometimes a prophetic action
That is inspired by me,
Can bring about a miracle
For all to see.

I move in the way I choose
And I can bring about “suddenlies”
As well as teaching and training in perseverance
And the fellowship of my sufferings
Has to be your experience
For you to enter into that new dimension in me.
My people, my people, it is a deep work
In you that I am doing.
The path that I have chosen for you
Each individual one,
Will need to be embraced by you,
Each individual one.
It will not be the same as another.
Each of you is unique.
Believe my truth.
My Spirit and my Word
Speak to you.

1 thought on “In my Word, my truth is seen

  1. There is no doubt in my Heart & Mind that this is our Heavenly Father Speaking to us “His People” from His Heart of LOVE…..wanting us to know him more & more…with understanding & revelation of His Plans for The Times Ahead. Such Great Loving Encouragement through a vessel who knows the fellowship of His sufferings…knows Him…His Love….always so so desirous to express His Love to everyone.
    A Very Thankful Sandra Banning.

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