Come unto me all ye who labour

Come unto me all ye who labour
And are heavy laden
And I will give you rest.

Those who seek me will find me.
Those who seek my face
Need to come where I am,
And I am deep in the spirit of man –
As well, I am on the throne
Where everything that is to be known
Is known.

It is not for you to flounder around
Like a fish that has just been caught
That slips out of the hand.
You are to know that you are safe and secure;
My Kingdom is now within you
When you have been born again of my Spirit;
And that I am deep within.
Come now and rest in me –
I am in you and you are in me.
There is a Sabbath rest for you my people
And it is found in me.
I am there in my Word, the Truth –
Clear for you to see.
Come now and find peace and rest for your souls.
True peace and rest can only be found in me.

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