There will be a crescendo.

There will be a crescendo.
You are to use the gifts you have been given
As instruments for me.
You are each to play your part
As in an orchestra for me.
I will orchestrate, showing you the part you are to play
In my end-time strategy.
My people, you are to flow with me –
You are not to miss a “beat”.
You are to be together in sync,
Focusing intently on the baton I hold
Conducting my symphony.

You are to be for me, as a symphony
Staying in tune with me.
It is the time my people, for you to reveal to the world
The beauty that is in Me.
There is beauty in all my creation
For those who would take the time to see
And also to hear the sounds that I have created –
And there is beauty in my Holiness, my people.
Be holy, as I Am holy”.
Allow me to use you as instruments,
Creating a symphony for all to hear and see –
It is for my Glory to be seen.
Focus now and glorify me.

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