I have been given your land to heal

I have been given your land to heal
In this day and age.
It is imperative now my people
That you believe the word that has been given to you
And humble yourselves and pray.
You are to turn from your ways of sin;
For anything not of faith is sin.
My people, my people, you have been called by My Name.
I ask you to seek my face.
My people, you were created in our image –
We are as “one” – the Father, the Spirit and the Son.
We ask you to come as the prodigal son.
The promise is there: that as you pray,
I will hear from heaven – I will answer your prayer
And I will heal your land.

This promise is for you – those from my “Great South-land”,
Yet this word applies to nations far and wide.
All the earth is mine and the fullness thereof.
All over the earth I am moving,
Bringing in the Father’s healing.
I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness,
Justice and righteousness in the earth
And in these things I delight, says the Lord.
Death and decay are not on my agenda.

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