There is a much larger picture

There is a much larger picture
Than you can conceive.
You see as it were, “through a glass darkly”
Until the veil is lifted from off your eyes.
This can only come through the fullness of my Spirit
In His entirety.
My Holy Spirit has been given
That you might “explore”.
Hear what I am saying –
I would have you discover
Truths from my Word.
My Holy Spirit will reveal to you
More of my fullness of truth for you –
Line upon line – Precept upon precept.
My wisdom and understanding are to flow
In incessant truth.

The picture I would have you see
Is the unveiling of my end-time strategy –
It is there in my Word and has been foretold.
It is not for you to be looking as if it is far ahead,
But for you to be prepared.
I would have you ready my people
As my plan unfolds.
I am coming my people.
My truth has been foretold.
Wisdom and revelation knowledge are being imparted
More and more.
The spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The spirit of counsel and might –
My Spirit is upon you, giving you more insight.

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