It is for Me you are to glow

It is for Me you are to glow
For you are to be as a shining light
Showing people the way to go.
So many people have become lost,
Going their own way –
Sometimes each decision they have made
Has taken them further ‘off track’ –
Further off the pathway I had chosen for them.
Those who have discovered that I am the only true way
Are now to focus on winning back
Souls who have gone astray.

You have been prepared my people.
You are now ready for such a time as this.
The harvest also has been prepared and ready for reaping.
My love and compassion reached out to you
At the time of your need.
It is for you now to see that need in others,
Knowing that you have the answer to meet that very need.
Go now in confidence.
You have been equipped.
Use My Name, the Name above every other name.
Pray and believe and know that as you lift up My Name,
Every knee is to bow and every tongue is to confess
That I Am Lord.

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