There is something that is going to happen

There is something that is going to happen
That you need to know.
There will be a shaking
Such as you have never before known.
It will be as an earthquake.
It will bear similarities
But the movements will be different.
It will be a catastrophic wonder
That has not before been seen.

My people, prepare the way
For I am coming for my Bride.
Do not waste your time on the things of the world.
Those things must be pushed aside.
Prepare yourselves and prepare others
For the time frame in which you live
Is coming to a close.
It will be as a shutter –
As a curtain coming down.
There was a curtain ripped from top to bottom
Which allowed you access to me,
And now there will be another curtain
Closing an era ordained by me.
The shaking will be a warning for what is to come,
And after the curtain does come down
On this era you now know –
Know that it will rise again
As it were, for an encore –
For there will be a coming together
As on a central stage
And through my people, my glory will be revealed.

There will be a crescendo of rejoicing! –
For how can this not be?
My angels and my witnesses have longed
For this day to be seen!

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