Know that the words that I have given

Know that the words that I have given
Will continue to flow.
They have been birthed from the core of my Being
My Son being the core.
He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life –
Once more I say:
He is the Way – the Door – the Portal.
He is the Life – everlasting and eternal,
And He is the Truth – the centre – the core,
And He is from the core of my Being.

To be the custodian of the words I bring
Has been a chosen calling
And many of my people
Are used in such ways,
Using the gifts given by the Holy Spirit
And confessing to others the cry of my heart.
Each of the callings are unique –
Yet there are similarities,
Because they have been born of my Spirit –
A very part of Me.
This gifting will be varied
And even greater than the one now seen.
It is part of My Legacy
That My Glory will continue to be known and seen.
When they are given in poetic form
They reveal the rhythm of my heart –
And my heart of love has been revealed through My Son
Given to the world – “My only begotten Son” And the Truth still applies till He returns to earth
To gather up His Bride:–
That “whosoever believes in Him, will have everlasting life”.

My Truth will still stand through the words I bring –
The next custodian who picks up the baton
Will reveal far greater works of my Spirit –
My Glory flowing on and on.
It is not my desire that any should perish –
My love reaching out to all.

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