The glory I had with my Father

The glory I had with my Father
I have given to you.
The glory in the words I have given
Will remain and be retained.
They will not return to me void.
Whether given through my Spirit
Or whether given through my Word,
They are the same my people.
When they have come from my heart of love
My truth will be more and more revealed.
There is to be an unveiling –
It is my revelation through my Spirit and my Word.
The spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of me
Is flowing more and more.
There are mind-binding spirits that hinder my unveiling.
They are to be bound by you, my people
Using my power and authority which have been given to you.
My plans and purposes are to be fulfilled.
Time is now short on the earth.

Do not fear.
He that is in you is greater
Than any other force on the earth.
My love is greater than any other force
That has been on the earth,
And my love lies within you my people
Waiting to enforce the victory already won on Calvary.
My glory will be seen through you –
My glory from the Father, imparted to you.

1 thought on “The glory I had with my Father

  1. What an Honour to hear Words from our Father’s Heart at this time in History – especially from such a Trusted Custodian & Loving Sister

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