The Awakening which I now bring

The Awakening which I now bring
Will be seen and heard far and wide.
Do not doubt my people –
It will turn the tide.
It will change the mind-sets
That have been wrongly fixed.
It will reach the young and old –
It will change the timid to bold.
It will be the catalyst – my revival fire to be seen.
My people, come before me.
Stay humble and believe as you seek my face.
My prophecies for your land will be fulfilled
As you truly turn from your sinful ways
For anything not of faith, is sin.
Revival fire is about to sweep even more
Across this land –
This Great South-land of my Holy Spirit
Is being turned right around.
People will turn and seek my face –
More and more and more.
I am bringing in the change
That is needed in peoples’ lives, more and more.
Miracles you will see – signs and wonders galore.
Do not doubt they are from me –
The power in my blood and my glory
Through my Spirit in your land, will be revealed.

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